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Amaretto played at our wedding on October 22nd. I have never in my life been more compelled to write a review. They were absolutely phenomenal and THE reason that people are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding. Working with David Fletcher was a joy. His responsiveness, flexibility, trustworthiness and confidence made the wedding planning process much easier for me and my now husband. After reading the reviews on WeddingWire and listening to clips on their website, I was confident Amaretto would be great; however, they were even better than I could have imagined. Everyone danced from start to finish... young, old, and in between. Their set list, which we really left up to them, was a perfect mix of classics and current hits. They even took the time to learn 3 songs for us, which we didn't finalize for them until 2 weeks before the event, and they performed them perfectly. 

Thank you Amaretto for making our wedding night one for the history books!
Wedding: 10/22/2011

Amazing amazing amazing is all I can say! We had so much fun and guests have told us how much they enjoyes the band at our wedding. It was a total blast and working with them was a complete joy. Highly recommended if you aré looking for fabulous wedding entertainment.
Wedding: 05/14/2011

After extensively researching dozens of wedding bands in Washington, New York and throughout the region – including online reviews of comments/videos/audio files, sending friends to watch bands in-person (we recent re-located abroad) and phone interviews – we chose Amaretto. 

Our expectations were high - as the band leader noted that they had 13 music degrees among the 9 members - but their performance at our wedding reception FAR exceeded anything we could have imagined (they performed a quartet for our cocktail hour and full nine-piece band for the reception). 

In the set-up, the band leader (David) was incredibly responsive to email or phone inquiries and even set-up an in-person meeting during our brief visit to Washington. He gladly accepted a number of our special requests (songs, activities during ceremony, etc) and also offered a number of unique ideas that he'd seen work at previous wedding receptions. 

Most importantly, the band's performance was absolutely outstanding. They read the tempo of the room throughout the evening, kept the party on the dance floor, and left the entire room buzzing about their talents. No less than three dozen guests approached me to comment on the band's musical talent (vocals, horns, base, etc), range of songs, and high-energy personalities. 

I could not recommend Amaretto highly enough and believe they were worth every dollar that we spent. We would hire them again for a major event.
Wedding: Recently Married
We had Amaretto play at our wedding and they were fabulous! They were easy to work with and communicated effectively before the wedding. The musicians were very professional, energetic and talented. Amaretto has an expansive play list which we enjoyed and they were willing to learn a few new songs upon request. They are by far the best wedding band I have ever heard or worked with and those comments were echoed by all of our 200 guests!! We are still receiving notes and comments from people telling us they loved our wedding and they loved our band!! We strongly recommend this band!
Wedding: 07/27/2012

This band was rockin! Everyone was asking me where I found the band. They played a great mix of older songs and top hits. I was still singing some of the songs that they played the next day. People were also impressed by the voices of the two lead singers. 

We booked them for a shorter period, and they only took one short break upon my request. They also set up a microphone for toasts. They played all of our requests and kept people on the dance floor. 

One thing though was that we had choreographed a dance for our first dance and the tempo was probably double the tempo in the version of the song that we used. If you are working on your first dance, confirm the tempo with the band. 

Overall, great band, great experience. If you want good live music, you can't go wrong. Maybe I'm biased, but one of the best wedding bands I've seen.
Wedding: 04/29/2011
Amaretto did an amazing job at our wedding. The entire wedding party was on the dance floor the whole night and no one wanted to stop dancing once the night was over. 

We originally scheduled the band for our Nov 6th wedding, but we had an illness in the family  that forced us to move the date to April 2nd, Amaretto moved the date with no questions asked, no fee to move. That was the first mark of how truly professional this band is. Mr. Fletcher kept in contact with us throughout the weeks leading up to teh event to esure that we didn't forget anything. They even learned some songs for us! They provided the Videography and it turned out great. I would highly recommend this band for any event!! The music was very hip and exactly on point. They even provided a 3-person jazz ensemble for our cocktail hour. I cannot say enough good things about these guys!
Wedding: 04/02/2011

Dear David, 

I can’t begin to express our gratitude for an outstanding evening. Having a band of your caliber can transform an evening and it was PERFECT! I don’t think there was one person that didn’t make it to the dance floor at some point in the evening, and at one point, I think we were all up there at the same time. You crossed generations and genres and almost every guest said “where did you find this band”! Of course I couldn’t take the credit, it was the first thing Ken said when he heard Abby was getting married….”you’ve got to get Amaretto”! When I called you and found out that you were available so close to the holidays I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Little did I know how lucky I truly was! My good friend had her daughter’s wedding in November and we attended. They had a huge band from NYC that they groom’s parents provided. Well…she even said to me that you were the best, and she was keeping you in mind when her next daughter gets married! I don’t even recall you ever taking a break, you were all so energetic and in tune with the crowd , it was just incredible! Abby and Scott really enjoyed talking with you at the end of the evening… I know that’s hard when all you can think about is packing up and getting on the road. You really made them feel special and I thank you for that. As soon as I catch up I’m going on Wedding Wire and give you a glowing review. 

Thank you for such a magical evening and I will pass your name on to ever bride/person who is looking for an incredible experience. Oh I almost forgot…when the horns came out into the crowd…too good to be true. Abby said that when the horns came out and encircled her while she was dancing, that was the highlight of her evening. Except for the actual marriage ceremony! 

Take care and thanks again! 


Wedding: 12/11/2010

The best night of my life! We didn't stop dancing the entire evening. Our guests are still writing to us to ask about the band and tell us how much fun they had!
Wedding: 08/28/2010

Amaretto was an amazing band! Everyone, from the youngest 18 year old to the oldest 78 year old was on the dance floor!!!!
Wedding: 08/07/2010

Amoretto is the best big band sound bar none! We have had them perforn at two weddings. Both evenings were knock outs; the guests danced until the "fat lady sang." David could not be more accommodating. He listened to our desires in music selections and even played tunes form the musical Jersey Boys at our request. The trio for cocktail hour played jazz that added just the right background for the gathering. The professionalism of the musicians and the vocalists was unquestioned. How good does it get? You would have to hire Amoretto for your event to find out. Kathy Thomas
Wedding: 07/30/2010

We loved this band. They were very accommodating and made for one of the best receptions I've ever been to. My favorite stuff was the older Motown and funk, but they do more current stuff as well. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Totally worth it.
Wedding: 06/26/2010

Amaretto rocked! They played a great mix of both new and old hits and had everyone dancing all evening. David was exceptionally professional and flexible. The band learned a new song and agreed to play backup as a close friend sang for our first dance. We would absolutely hire them again and recommend them to any of our friends.
Wedding: 10/03/2009

Can't commend Amaretto's band leader highly enough for his responsiveness and careful consideration of our requests. We had a true dialogue for months before the event. As for the performance itself: dozens of guests have since sought us out to rave about the band above all else. You could never have fit more people on the dance floor. 

Great music, genuine energy, and never a minute of stress from Day One. Book them now!
Wedding: 05/24/2009

This band made our wedding a huge success. Every guest said they were the best band that they every hear. The dance floor was never empty, they seem to know just what music to play that got our guest on the floor. I was very happy with the service. David was easy to work with. It made one very important part of the celebration perfect. I can't say enough just how wonderful they were. It was a night to remember.
Wedding: 05/16/2009

Absolutely all aspects of their service were impeccable. Extremely easy to work with, and undoubtedly one of the best bands in DC.
Wedding: 03/21/2009

Would not have been the same wedding without Amaretto. Thank you!!
Wedding: 08/09/2008

This band was absolutely fabulous at our wedding. They played just the mix of music we wanted, and they got everybody dancing without overpowering the rest of the event. They were very flexible and responsive in making sure that they had the right musicians to play what we wanted. We got many glowing comments about the band from our guests, and overall we couldn't have been happier with them. Highly recommended.
Wedding: 1+ year ago

Amaretto was AMAZING! They kept our dance floor packed and played great music! We are so happy that we had them at our wedding reception! David Fletcher was very helpful and answered emails immediately.
Wedding: 07/09/2011

I always say the band (or dj) makes the party and for our wedding, Amaretto was perfect. The dance floor was full the entire time and the band picked just the right songs for our crowd. Everyone had a great time! Could not have been happier with the band. Also, the band director, David Fletcher, was pleasant to work with and very responsive to our requests/questions. We asked the band to learn two new songs and they performed those songs flawlessly. We highly recommend Amaretto.
Wedding: 05/04/2013

Amaretto is AMAZING! They played at our wedding in October and they were the hit of the party! From the first song to the last they were perfect and full of energy. Our guests did not leave the dance floor all night! The playlist was terrific, a mix of everything, it was just right. The band is professional, on time, interactive and they make the bride and groom feel so special! For weeks following our wedding day we had texts and emails from our guests asking about the band and how we found them. I highly recommend them because they are so easy to work with the they are an absolute MUST for a memorable wedding night :)
Wedding: 10/13/2012

Amaretto was the most amazing band ever!!! Professional and helpful through the entire process. I can't thank David and Amaretto enough for the performance at our wedding, it was unbelievable!!! The band never stopped playing and all of our guests enjoyed every minute on the dance floor. I highly recommend this band to any bride and groom that is looking to dance all night long!
Wedding: 1+ year ago

We had Amaretto play at our wedding and they were fabulous.  Easy to work with and communicated effectively before the wedding. The musicians were very professional, energetic and talented. Amaretto has an expansive play list which we enjoyed and they were willing to learn a few new songs upon request. They are by far the best wedding band I have ever heard or worked with and those comments were echoed by all of our 200 guests!! We are still receiving notes and comments from people telling us they loved our wedding and they loved our band!! We strongly recommend this band.
Wedding: 07/27/2012

Amaretto MADE my wedding! From the moment they began, my guests were on the floor dancing away! Even 6 months later I still have guests telling me it was the best wedding they have ever been to (music to my ears!). It is absolutely true that if you want your wedding to be spectacular, Amaretto is the way to go. The band played beautiful background music during dinner (at which point some of my older guests got up to dance) and then kicked it up into high gear for the rest of the night. There was not a single guest that didn't make it out onto the dance floor and the smiles on their faces will live in my memory forever. Although they are more expensive than a DJ, the experience you and your guests will have is absolutely worth it. In a nutshell, if you want a wedding that will go down in the history books as the best wedding ever, hire Amaretto.
Wedding: 06/23/2012

Amaretto was fabulous. They had our guests dancing all night long! They performed just the right mix of music, and our guests (from all over the US) commented that Amaretto was the best wedding band they had seen. They were very accommodating with respect to the songs we wanted played, as well adding a song that was not on their playlist. Our only regret was that we couldn't continue the music and dancing at the the night's end! We would hire Amaretto again without hesitation.
Wedding: 05/19/2012

Every guest at our wedding who commented on the music said that Amaretto was the best wedding band that they had ever seen. We couldn't agree more, and suffice it to say that we have been to our fair share of weddings. As we had hoped would be the case, Amaretto had everyone up and on the dance floor from start to finish, with an incredible range and remarkable judgment as to what would keep the party going. They nailed the songs we asked them to learn for us (with very little lead time) and were extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire planning process. We wouldn't change a single thing about our experience with Amaretto. 

We know that hiring a big band to play at your wedding is a sizeable investment, but hiring Amaretto is an investment that you most certainly will not regret. Thank you for giving us a fantastic evening of music that we will never forget.
Wedding: 05/12/2012We hired Amaretto (9 piece) as our reception band and had the sound engineer stay an extra hour to play music from our ipod. Amaretto far surpassed our expectations, do not hesitate to hire them as your wedding band, you will not be disappointed! They not only sounded great, but they spent the time to get to know us as a couple so that the music played was a reflection of us! It was also super important to us that the music played would engage guests of all ages, and they were so fabulous that our dance floor was filled the entire night! They are the best in DC.
Wedding: 04/14/2012

 We chose Amaretto based on their online demo, but never in a million years would we have imagined that they would be as fantastic as they were. These are real musicians! Great to work with, patient, sweet, responsive, and operates a total class operation. Our guests were raving about the band, and my husband and I could not have been more thrilled.
Wedding: 10/23/2011

Amaretto played at my wife and I's wedding this past weekend in Pennsylvania and they were nothing short of amazing. Our guests danced the entire night and the question that everyone asked during and after the ceremony was not the usual, where are you going for your honeymoon?, but rather, that band was incredible, where did you find them? From Motown to recent hits to tasteful dinner music, the band transitioned between songs and genres with seamless precision, spectacular vocals, and dazzling instrumental solos. Thank you for delivering us the wedding of our dreams.
Wedding: 10/15/2011

Amaretto performed at our wedding reception on the Eastern Shore on June 25th and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! My husband is a musician and generally really critical of other performers, but he was on the dance floor all night and can't stop singing their praises. Quotes such as "best wedding band I've ever heard" have been uttered by many guests -- including by our professional photographer who's been to who knows how many weddings in her career. The dance floor was packed from the first dance to the last. The vocalists and musicians were nothing short of perfection. At one point, the trumpet player was even on the dance floor with us, jamming away. 

From our first interaction with the band manager, we were greeted with professionalism, quick responses and flexibility. The band was able to meet our song requests and adapt them perfectly. Really, we couldn't have asked for more. We would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about a band for their wedding. You will not regret your decision.
Wedding: 06/25/2011

I can't say enough good things about the band, Amaretto. From the beginning, they were were responsive and professional. The band itself was phenomenal. Every song was right on - for parents and younger generations, everyone was pleased and dancing like crazy. the vocalists and musicians really look like they're having fun up on stage and that makes for such a fun party. The mix of music was absolutely perfect. My dad was so pleased with their performance which really made me happy since I know the music was so important to him and because he paid for it. I missed my own photo booth and my own desert bar b/c i never left the dance floor - but i have no regrets! At brunch the next morning, everyone was talking about the band. Amaretto set the tone for the night and they did a PERFECT job. we had a phenomenal party and all the credit goes to amaretto. If you want a crowd pleaser for a broad audience, if you want a reliable band leader, a class act, and if you're ready to be sore from dancing the day after your wedding, you must hire Amaretto! 
Thanks for making our night so much fun,
- Lisa (May 14, 2011)
Wedding: 05/14/2011

The band was  accommodating, professional and competent, which made organizing all of the music logistics a dream. And the music The band was the best I've ever heard at a wedding, and every guest we talked to said the same. The talent of the musicians was truly remarkable and the dance floor was one of the highlights of our night. We cannot thank you enough for all they did to exceed our wildest expectations.
Wedding: 04/30/2011

Amaretto absolutely rocked our wedding!Great to work with and the band was able to learn our first dance (Virginia Moon by the Foo Fighters), which was great. We were thrilled to hear that the band liked the song so much that they would be adding it to their song list. 

Our guests were coming up to us all night saying how amazing the band was. The dance floor was packed all night and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you so much Amaretto!
Wedding: 03/12/2011

We hired Amaretto to perform at our wedding December 4th 2010. These guys are outstanding!!! At any price Amaretto is unbelievably talented, fun, and flexible. Easy to work with before and during the event. Amaretto made our wedding the most fun night of my life. #1 they are professionals they sound and perform phenomenally. #2 They will work with you to make your event what you want it to be. The horns started flaring, and all of my guests flew out of their seats an danced like maniacs the whole night. I have picture proof of non-dancing people going nuts, you know, the ones who always stay in their seat for all events. You owe it to yourselves to check out Amaretto. Only if you want the perfect band for your event. 


Wedding: 12/04/2010

We hired Amaretto for our wedding bandalso used band members for our ceremony and cocktail hour. I cannot say enough good things about Amaretto! They had all 200+ people dancing the entire night at our wedding. We've been to at least 20 weddings, and we've never heard anyone halfway as good as them...and all of our guests said the same thing! They learned 3 very different songs for us, and dancing to each of those songs was such a highlight for us.  We are already trying to think of another event to celebrate so we can hire Amaretto again! You can't go wrong with these guys....they MADE our wedding!
Wedding: 10/23/2010

Amaretto was the #1 best choice I made in planning my wedding. I cannot say enough good things about them or recommend them more highly. They are true professionals. The band absolutely MADE the wedding. Dancing went all night, starting from the first song, through to the last. The only thing I would change would be to order a larger dance floor! They were easy to work with, made the day go smoothly, and are obviously wonderful musicians. They learned some special songs for us which went flawlessly. I would urge anyone looking for a wedding band to choose Amaretto. They are by far the best I have seen. Thanks again!
Wedding: 2+ years ago

We did not provide the band a playlist, and it was not necessary! The band felt out the crowd and played be best, most appropriate music. They had all the guests up and dancing all night long - it was wonderful! The band members were very friendly and interactive... they even encouraged me (the bride) to come up for karaoke! They were a great group to work with. I'd love to hire them for other occasions, and I know some of our guests would too. I keep hearing comments from guests about how much the band rocked the house!
Wedding: 10/02/2010

Amaretto played at our Sept. 18 wedding and did a fantastic job! We were so impressed. Several of our guests remarked that they were by far the best wedding band they've seen. They really connected with the crowd and had a great mix of fast, slow, classic and new songs. 

When we started planning our wedding my fiance and I agreed that having a great band was very important. We're so glad that we chose Amaretto. We had the full horn section too which was a lot of fun. The players actually came off the stage and surrounded the dance floor which was so neat! 

We highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for lively, sophisticated and energetic entertainment for their special event. 

Wedding: 09/18/2010

Ok, brides! This is it! Amaretto did it all! Big band, swing and soft nice stuff during dinner. (Grandma swooned to the tunes she used to dance to but couldn't now.) 
Then, bring it on! The music popped the party open! EVERYONE the end...and thats what we wanted for our big day. When the lights came up, people were still on the dance floor, sad that it really was the Last Dance. 
Amaretto is a dance band! Period, end of discussion! They know what they need to do to make your reception all that you want it to be. 
PS...I'm not related to any of them in any way! :) 
Wedding: 05/30/2010

These guys were GREAT! 
We crashed a wedding to see them in action and they had a stiff wedding up and moving like crazy. Literally, some gramma was doing a turtle spin when we left. 
We knew right then that if they could get the geezers here shaking booties, they would have NO problem with our younger, more party oriented crowd. 
Chris & the crew were very responsive, had a great list of tracks to play, learned a song for our first dance and we feel like they were worth every penny. 
The singers made Aretha Franklin roll over in her grave from awesomeness and the crowd interaction was great. Not too much, but enough to get everyone into the spirit and having a great time. 6 weeks after the wedding, I'm still getting over a severely sprained Dancing Toe. 
I would highly recommend Amaretto for any wedding...unless you don't like fun or good music. Then you can bring your iPod and put on your Moby playlist. 

Wedding: 05/29/2010

It has been 3 months since our wedding and everyone is still talking about how amazing the band was. Having Amaretto play at our wedding was by far the best decision we made. The band provided all of the entertainment needs for our wedding and was able to accommodate all of our requests. They played a wide repertoire of music that appealed to all of our guests. Amaretto stands apart as a collection of strong, extremely talented musicians who have all come together to form a top notch band. They brought amazing energyand it lasted all night long. We have never seen so many people, young and old, on the dance floor at a wedding. Beyond the music they are very professional and such a dream to work with,-- Chris and the band took care of everything and worked seamlessly with the other wedding vendors. If you are looking for a high quality, professional, classy, cool, energetic, and stand-out band, look no further than Amaretto.
Wedding: 07/18/2009

Amaretto was awesome!!! The dance floor was packed all night long, with all ages out there having a great time. I cannot recommend Amaretto enough -- everyone loved them! Chris is super-responsive, really great to work with. All our correspondence was via email, really easy and efficient. They learned our first dance song for us, and we were doing a choreographed dance, so it was really important that their version matched the version we practiced to. It went off without a hitch! 

I found out about Amaretto when they played for one of my bridesmaids' weddings in 2004. They were fantastic then, and they are fantastic now. We're so happy we were able to book them for our wedding!
Wedding: 11/08/2008